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What we do

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Functions we Provide in a Calculator

Calcultor functions
  • Professional design according to you website.
    Eg. Colors combination and box structured
  • Responsive Design for all Devices
    Mobile, Tab, Laptop and Desktop
  • Cross Browser Compatible design for all popular browsers
    Safari, Chrome, FireFox, Opera and MS Edge etc.
  • Get user Information before showing result and store in database for future use
    Eg. Name, Location and Email etc.
  • Show Result on realtime or show result after page refresh
  • Setting Page
    You can add, change and remove values on this page
  • Option for Print Result, Export Result AS MS Files
    PDF, Word document and Excel sheet
  • Send result to User via Email
    Email including: Template, images, PDF, Excel and document files or links
  • Graph/Chart in result