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How does this calculator work?

To convert the numbers into the standard form using this standard form calculator;

  1. Enter the number.
  2. Click “Calculate.”
  3. Click “Reset” for the new value.

The Standard form converter is an online calculator that is used to convert numbers into the standard form. It is a free tool and can be used as many times as a user wants. 

It provides four different versions in which numbers can be written including e-notation and engineering notation. You can copy any of the forms and paste them into your documents.

What is the standard form?

Standard form is a representation of extremely large or small numbers in a way that is understandable. 

It was devised because the normal representation of such numbers caused many problems in calculations and readings.

How to find the standard form?

To convert a number into the standard form manually, it must be in real number form. Decimal is placed and ten raised to some power is multiplied.

To know “where is decimal placed?” and “what should be the power of 10?”, read further to learn through an example. 


Convert 10902000 into standard form.


Step 1: Place the decimal point right after the first non-zero digit.


Step 2: Count the number of digits after the decimal point.


Step 3: Raise this number as an exponent of 10 and multiply this value by the original number.


Step 4: If there are any zeros on the right side after the decimal point, drop them.


This is the standard form of 10902000. Find its e-notation using the standard notation converter above.