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How to use sig fig calculator?

To use the sig fig calculator:

  • Enter the number in the input box.
  • Use the scroll bar to set the round value.
  • Hit the Calculate button to get the rounding significant figures.

What are significant figures?

Significant figures are the meaningful digits in a number. They tell us the accuracy or usefulness of a number to an extent.
For example,
The number 2304 has 4 significant figures in it,
while the number 0.0430 has 3 significant figures which are 4, 3, and 0.


How to find significant figures?

Significant digit calculator eases the calculation of significant figures in a complex number. For manual calculation, there are some rules of significant figures that are also incorporated in this tool.

Significant figures rules

Below are the rules to find significant figures:

1. All non-zero digits are significant figures.

    5296 4 significant figures
    2.71 3 significant figures

2. All zeros are significant if they are between any non-zero digits.

    0085 2 significant figures

3. Zeros are not significant if they are on the left side (leading) of the first non-zero number.

    0.0076 2 significant figures

4. Trailing zeros are significant if they come after the decimal point.

    48.00 4 significant figures

5. Trailing zeros are not significant if the number does not contain a decimal point.

    82000 2 significant figures

sig fig example


Find the significant figures in the following numbers.



0.0038210 has 5 significant figures which are 38210. The zeros on the left side will not be accumulated as per the significant figures rule

81.0070 has 6 significant figures. See the rules above for reference.

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How many significant figures are there in 2020?

There is a total of 3 significant figures 2, 0 and 2 in 2020.The trailing zero on the right hand will not be considered as a significant figure because there is no decimal in the number.


How many significant figures does 0.0560 have?

0.0560 has 3 significant figures which are 5, 6 and 0.


How many significant figures are there in 500?

The number 500 has only 1 significant figure 5. The trailing zeros are not significant in this case.